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n an aggressive competitive structure, Intellectual Property Rights acts as a stimulant in building good will and mark in the market despite of being an intangible asset. Intellectual property laws promote the creation of human ideas/intellect. Intellectual property has become a backbone for being a distinct identity amide other national and international players. The TRIPS Agreement established the minimum global standards of IPRs protection as well as rules on enforcement, not ending to this it has brought along domestic IPRs regimes of WTO members under the jurisdiction of the WTO dispute settlement system.

Team of experts here at Natraj Legal Solutions deals with all the types of Intellectual property following: Copyright: Copyright under IPR protects written and published works such as books, songs, artistic work, films, and web content. Attorneys here provide a host of advisory services to their clients including Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Copyright in India and internationally, Infringement and validity advice, Litigation: Cancellation proceedings, appeals, civil suits and criminal actions for infringement, Anti-piracy measures, Post Registration Services, Assignment, licensing and transfer, Specific agreements.

Trademark: Trademark under IPR protects sign, symbols, and logos, device that distinguish products and services of one from its competitors. Experts at Natraj Legal Solutions provide advisory on trademark related dispute matters, Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications at the Indian Trademarks Registry, Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates or under the Madrid Protocol, Infringement and validity opinion, Litigation: opposition, revocation, rectification, appeals, criminal and civil suits for infringement and passing off, anti-counterfeit action, Appellate Board proceedings, Trademark searches locally and internationally, Clearance of title, Domain Name Search, Brand selection advice, Journal watch services, Post-registration services, Renewals, Portfolio Management, Assignment, Licensing and Franchising.


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