Compensation Law

The Criminal Justice System primarily provides punishment to the offender and as rehabilitative measure compensation to the victim/survivor. Section 357 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 provides compensation to the person who suffered any loss or injury due to the act of the accused person. The State Government in co-ordination with Central Government prepares a scheme in terms of Section 357A of CrPC to compensate victim or their dependants for the loss or injury suffered as a result of crime and requires rehabilitation.

The Motor Vehicle Act, 1939 provides provisions to compensate the victim of accident by motor vehicle. The Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals is constituted to adjudicate such claims for Compensation under the said Act, 1939 and the person who suffered the injury shall file an Application before the tribunal for the compensation. Any person aggrieved by the award of compensation may prefer an Appeal before the High Court.

The Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923 provides provisions for payment of compensation by certain classes of employers to their employees for injury by accident in the course of his employment. The victim has to prefer a claim before Commissioner for Workmen’s Compensation for compensation under the Act. The Commissioner may entertain and decide any claim upon receiving information from any other source. The orders made by the Commissioner are appealable before the High Court.

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